Our Menu:





  • Fish Ceviche  (Fish in Season)
  • Mero or Robalo Ceviche     
  • Prawn Ceviche     
  • Mixed Ceviche
  • Large Oyster Ceviche     
  • Deep Fried Squid     
  • Deep fried Pieces of Fish
  • Mixed deep fried pieces of Fish and Shellfish
  • Deep fried Prawns
  • Provencale Large Oyster with Parmensan cheese
  • Causa(Mashed Bellow potatoes pie with lemon chillies prawns and avocado     
  • Fresh Octopus with Black olive and mayonaise sauce
  • Russian style Octopus Salad     
  • Creole Sashimi of Tuno


  • Prawn
  • Ham and Cheese     
  • Pancake with Manjar Blanco (A thick sweet cream)


  • Flambé Chicken with rice or salad and potatoes     
  • Chicken fried in breadcrumbs with rice and potatoe
  • Chicken saltado (tomatoes,garlic,onions,chillie Peppers,coriander,french fries)
  • Deep fried Chicken pieces with French fries (chips)
  • Special Chicken soup (diet)
  • BEEF
  • Beef saltado (fried pieces of beef with tomatoes, garlic, onions, chillie

Peppers, coriander and French fries)                                   

  • Beefsteak of lomo with rice and potatoes Fried steak of lomo in breadcrumbs with rice and potatoes
  • Rice                                                French fried                                              Fried Yams                                          Fried Bananas (green)                        Fresh Salad (lettuce, tomatoes, pepinillo)
  • Tomatoes Salad with garlic                  Vegetables Salad (potatoes, brócoli, carrots,  peas)                 


  • Romana  (Ham, mushroom, olive, red pepper and  mozzarella)     
  • Amanda  (tomatoes, mushroom, olive green, red pepper and mozzarella)
  • Special  (Ham, salame, mushroom, olive, red pepper and mozzarella)     
  • Hawaiana (Ham, pineapple, mushroom, red pepper and mozzarella)     
  • Tropical Special (Ham,salame,mushroom,pineapple,red pepper,mozzarella)     
  • Of the house (Prawn, mushroom, olive green, red pepper and mozzarella)
  • Tropical  (Prawn, pineapple, mushroom, red pepper and mozzarella)
  • Carnivorous (Hamburger of lomo, sausage and mozzarella
  • Personal (Romana-Amanda-Special-Hawaiana-Tropical Special)
  • Personal (Of the house-Tropical)     
  • Personal (Carnivorous)     
  • Familiar (Romana-Amanda-Special-Hawaiana-Tropical Special)
  • Familiar (Of the house-Tropical)           
  • Familiar (Carnivorous)     


  • Fried Fillet of Fish with Rice and Potatoes
  • Garlic fried fillet of Fish with Potatoes and salad
  • Whole fish with garlic served with potatoes and salad     
  • Fish meniere with rice and potatoes
  • Fillet of fish with mushroom sauce rice and potatoes     
  • Fillet of fish a la Chorrillana (and onion and tomatoes sauce with chillie

Peppers coriander) served with rice and sweet potatoes     

  • Sesame seed fillet served with potatoes and salad
  • Fillet of robalo or Mero with potatoes and salad     
  • Deep fried fish in breadcrumbs served with potatoes and salad     
  • Fish saltado (fried with tomatoes,garlic,onions chillie Peppers coriander and French fries)
    Fried fillets of fish with deep fried prawns served with yams or potatoes
  • Steamed fillet of fish in vegetables (onions,tomatoes,garlic,chillie,pepper and Coriander)     
  • Steamed fillet of fish served with vegetables (potatoes,brócoli,carrots,peas)     
  • Fried fillet of fish with prawn sauce with rice and French fries     
  • Rice with Prawns     
  • Prawns saltado (tomatoes,garlic,onions,chillie Peppers,coriander,French fries
  • Spaghetti with prawns in White sauce     
  • Spaghetti with ham and cheese in White sauce
  • Spaghetti with Garlic
  • Spaghetti saltado with prawnsLobster various styles  (price given or ordering)


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MapaWe are located in the heart of Mancora, opposite the main park and near the center of Mancora.
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