Reservations General Conditions

 CHECK IN AND CHECK OUT: Check-out time is at 13hr00 and check-in is at 12hr00pm. There is the possibility of an early check-in or checkout depending on the availability (please consult).
DIA DE USO: La tarifa para cuando se requiera dia de uso será equivalente al 100% de la tarifa vigente.
USE DAY: The rate when required use day, will be equivalent to 100% of the rate list.
ALTERATIONS: If the stay has to be shorter or get longer for weather, politic, healthy or other reasons not imputable to La Perla (LP), the expense that these situations occur they have to be paid by the guests.
MONEY TRANFER EXPENSE: In all the cases of bank money transfer or others, the expense that can occur they will be not recognize by LP.
MONEY TRANSFER EXPENCE: in all the cases of money transfer or similar, the expences that may occur they will be not going to be recongnize by LP.
REFUNDS: We do not refund any amount for services taken voluntarily by the guest.
LP does not recognize change dates or devolutions over a confirmed reservation for an inconvenience that can occur by air and land transport difficulties, either weather conditions.
CANCELLATIONS: A) If the cancellation occurs within 30 days or more of anticipation of the check-in date, we give back 100% of the money, except the money transfer expenses. B) If the cancellation occurs on 30 days or less of the check-in date, there is no refund. On these cases and for one time only, it is aloud to change to a new dates on low season and if availability aloud it. C) If the cancellation occurs between 30 and 21 days before the chech-in date, there is no charge at all. But, if the cancellation occurs between 21 and 11 days before the chech-in date, there's a 20% penalty charge from the original reservation amount. D) All cancellations made outside the establish limits of the previous point, will be considered as “no show”, and they don’t have any right to change the reservation o refund whatsoever.
When a reservation is made, it implied the acceptation of this conditions and the guest declare to know and accept when he confirm the reservation.
BRINGING YOUR OWN WINE / CHAMPAGNE: They are welcome all wines and champagnes on our dinning room, ask for our rates per bottle. Other liquors pay a higher price. They are not welcome other type of beverages or beers.
ON FRIDGE PRODUCTS: Unfortunately, we cannot receive any product from our guests to put it on the fridges (we don’t have too much space), with the exception of wines and champagnes.
SWIMMING POOL: Is strictly responsibility of the guest to look after the safety of children at the swimming pool of the hotel.
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