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Los Órganos - Perú

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Casa Montemar (Montemar House) is located in Punta Veleros beach (Los Organos), northern paradise, where the sun shines all year round. The house is fully furnished, it has a capacity for 14 guests comfortably installed in four bedrooms:

- 2 master bedrooms with queen size bed, each have a balcony with ocean view and terrace for two guests. One of the bedrooms has a bathroom.
- 1 bedroom with a bunk bed and a double bed; The bunk bed has a double bed on the bottom and a single bed on top.
- 1 bedroom with two bunk beds; One bunk bed has a double bed on the bottom and a single bed on top. The second bunk bed has single beds on both top and bottom.

There are 2 bathrooms for these 2 rooms in both the first and second floor of the house.

The house also has:

-Large indoor dining room, with a double height roof on the first floor and large wooden loft room on the second floor, with an excellent ocean view.
The kitchen has granite finish, fully equipped and integrated to the hall and distributed on the first floor.
Also it has a large terrace with wooden roof and has an amazing ocean view.
Hall on the second floor with 40-inch TV with DVD / BLUERAY.

Patio and service area with washing machine. Hot water.

Internet Wi Fi

Cable TV
Parking for three vehicles.

Additional details:


The house is rented with linen, sheets and pillows, microwave, gas oven, electric oven, coffee maker, electric rice cooker, blender, microwave oven, refrigerator, kitchenware and tableware.


There is possibility of hiring a trusted kitchen and / or cleaning person.




For turther information please contact us:

(+51) 998.112.207
(+51) 994.055.590


Mail: casamontemarperu@gmail.com




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