Why Mancora and nearby beaches are the best travel destination once the quarantine it’s over?

Why Mancora and nearby beaches are the best travel destination once the quarantine it’s over?

We still do not know when the restrictions will be lifted, so that domestic tourism can work again in Peru. However, we believe that Mancora and nearby beaches such as Punta Sal, Los Organos, Vichayito and Zorritos, among others, have the ideal conditions for a post-quarantine rest.

13 Marzo 2020 Playa Pocitas Máncora

March 13th, 2020 – Pocitas beach, Mancora

Ocean, sunny and hot in Mancora:

Winter, on this side of the hemisphere, is just around the corner. With this, the solar brightness and the heat become elusive in practically the entire Peruvian coast, except for the beaches located in the north of Piura and the south of Tumbes, which enjoy that sunny and dry weather that the Lima tourist likes so much, escaping the gray, wet and cold days in the Peruvian capital. And although it is not proven that the sun and the heat “drive away” covid19, we can affirm that the respiratory complications here in Mancora and nearby beaches are much less, thanks to the enviable climate of these latitudes.

Video recorded on June 2019

Beach Distancing:

In these times when crowds are not recommended, here on the Peruvian north coast, we have many beaches that are not crowded with tourists, even in “normal” seasons, such as El Ñuro, Canoas, Punta Sal and including beaches located north and south of the central beach of Mancora (which is definitely the most popular of all) such as Punta Ballenas and Playa El Amor.
Even the exclusive beach house rentals located in Pocitas (north of Máncora), Vichayito (north of Los Órganos) and Punta Veleros (south of Los Órganos), you can go to the beach and have the luxury of being several meters away from any other group of tourists.

Holidays away from the big cities:

The trend regarding this virus indicates that the major cities on the planet have suffered the most infections. Even in Peru, Lima and other important cities in Peru lead the lists of covid19 locally.
The closest city to Mancora is Talara, located relatively far, more than 70 kms to the south, and perhaps it is for this reason that the district of Mancora to date (05/01/2020) has minimal cases of covid19. Even in Canoas de Punta Sal, the authorities to date (05/01/2020) have not registered any single case.
We definitely cannot assure that the trend will continue like this, however we believe that if nothing extraordinary happens, the contagions on these northern beaches will continue to be low.

Still, we would recommend the tourist to come to Mancora, avoid places with a certain number of people, such as the markets, docks and other points of greater crowding on the beaches of northern Peru, and we would recommend bathing in the sea and sun daily, eating ceviches, tuna tartares and enjoy a splendid and cozy vacation on the paradisiacal beaches of Tumbes and Piura.

Vichayito fines de febrero 2020

Vichayito beach, february 2020