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from craftman Mario Lara Yañez
Las Pocitas - Mancora
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Welcome to Hospedaje Spondylus


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Located in height, on the side of road leading to Pocitas beach, about 800 meters from the pier of Mancora, this rustic accommodation has spectacular views.


Its owner, the craftsman Mario Lara Yañez, who live more than 18 years in Mancora, known for its beautiful hammocks and selling their Panama Hats, decided to create these little bungalows for guests and that's how hosting Spondylus was born.


They are 4 rustic rooms with bathroom and terrace each (hammocks). and a broader bungalow. also with terrace and bathroom.


They offer breakfast and a general area with tables and shade.


Access to the beach is via a ladder, then there are two entrances available embedded directly down to the sand beach and sea Pocitas. also has direct vehicular access to the bungalows.



Mario Lara Yañez offers hammocks and Panama Hats at great prices in Spondylus Hosting.
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For further information please contact us:


Mobile: (+51) 969241646
RPM: #0106312

Mail: layamarketing@hotmail.com




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