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Travel Guide of Mancora and Piura / Tumbes beaches

All the information on Mancora and the main beaches of Piura and Tumbes, Northern Peru. Hostels, Hotels, houses, surf and more...

Punta Pico Mancora Marina El Murique, Zorritos

Latest News and Events from Mancora and Piura - Tumbes beaches


Latest 2014 news in Mancora, Peru:


April 3rd, 2014: Casa Entre Mares, a new beach house rental option at Pocitas Beach, Mancora, located between Casa de Playa and Sunset Residenza hotels.


April 1st, 2014: El Destino of Vichayito is a small self-catering condo offering various different

types of beach houses and bungalows for rental.
It is located on Vichayito beach, close to Antica and Vichayito Carpas & Bungalows



March 25th, 2014: If you come to the Peruvian northcoast and you like good drinking and eating, from fine stack to imported wines, check Deli Market Nicolini, a stocked little shop located in the main avenue of Mancora Foto restaurant del mes


March 6th, 2014: Casa Las Catiras, a brand new beach house rental located at Condominio Punta Sal.


March 2nd, 2014: A new real estate ad: "Venta Propiedad en Vichayito, Casa de 2 Pisos, 4 Bungalows, área restaurant, cocina, ..." (spanish content only).


March 2nd, 2014: Psygon Surf Map, magical well known place for making good electronic parties, now also offer rooms at Playa El Amor, Mancora.


February 27th, 2014: Casa Punta Norte, a new beach house rental located at Punta Sal beach (Tumbes).


February 16th, 2014: A new beach house rental available located in Zorritos (Tumbes): Casa La Posada de los Tumpis.


February 7th, 2014: Departamento Maui - Segundo Piso (Maui Apartemt - Seconfo Floor) is a new lodging option at Pocitas Beach. Maui Deparment is located at seashore, seconf floor building.


January 30th, 2014: A new real estate ad: Oportunidad Venta Casa en Playa ubicada en Playa El Ñuro. (spanish only)


January 29th, 2014: We give Casa Rapallo a warm welcome to our complete beach house guide of Punta Sal. Casa Rapallo is a beach house rental located at seashore, on Punta Sal beach.


January 25th, 2014: Casa France, a new beach house located at Villa Marina Condo (Los Órganos). With a pool on terrace and an extra pool and Club House of the private condo.


January 20th, 2014: A new beach house located at seashore at Pocitas Beach, Mancora: Casa Briceño Delfin.

January 11th, 2014: A new property real state ad on Vivamancora: "En venta hotel funcionando, ubicado en plena avenida principal en pleno corazón de Máncora, con 400 mts...".


January 10th, 2014: Mancora y Sol, a new hotel on MAncora beach lodging listing.









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Special packages in Mancora and beaches nearby:

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  Promociones en Mancora y Playas cercanas Promociones en Mancora y Playas cercanas
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Mancora for Dummies¿First time in Mancora?


We recommend you read this "Mancora for Dummies: Mini Guide of Mancora for beginners". A Summary of all about Mancora and beaches nearby: location, getting here, where to sleep, activities and much more

1. What is Mancora anyway?

Mancora is a small fishing village of no more than 9,000 inhabitants which, for several years now, is the most popular beach of the Peruvian North Shore all year through ...

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