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Travel Guide of Mancora and Piura / Tumbes beaches

All the information on Mancora and the main beaches of Piura and Tumbes, Northern Peru. Hostels, Hotels, houses, surf and more...

Punta Pico Mancora Marina El Murique, Zorritos

Latest News and Events from Mancora and Piura - Tumbes beaches


Latest 2015 news in Mancora, Peru:


January 25th, 2015: We give a warm welcome to Punta del Norte Bungalows Restaurant Bar, located at seashore on the beautiful Canoas de Punta Sal Beach.


January 13th, 2015: The Point Hostels, located at Playa El Amor, Mancora is back in our Mancora Hotels Listings 2015!.


January 13th, 2015: Casa Pelikanos offers cosy bungalows at Vichayito beach, perfect for this summer 2015 at Vichayito and Mancora.


January 7th, 2015: Casa San Remo, a new beach house rental located in Villa Marina Condo, Los Organos.



December 26th, 2014: La Casa Verde (The Green House), a new eco house lodge rental located at La Quebrada touristic area in Mancora, you can rent the whole house or just some rooms!.



November 12th, 2014: Las Cherelas Adventure & Fishing Club offers seaside accommodation, plus various activities related to the ocean, fishing and diving. Located in Canoas de Punta Sal, Las Cherelas Adventure & Fishing Club prepares for this upcoming high sea fishing season on the northern beaches.


October 6th, 2014: Bungalow in Origenes spa de playa, a new bungalow located in front of Vichayito beach, inside Origenes Beach Spa.


29th September 2014: Las Catiras de Punta Sal, cozy beach house rental located at Punta Sal, present their new website with updated photos:


September 11th, 2014: Located in Las Pocitas beach (Mancora), Aparment Maui - Third Floor is a new accommodation option located 1 km south of Mancora Pier (between GrandMare and Casa de Playa hotels).


August 16th, 2014: Sol y Sol is a new house rental at Los Organos, offer special prices for August and September.


July 16th, 2014: Suites & Pizza Los Pinos, a new lodging option at Las Pocitas beach, Mancora.


July 16th, 2014: Blue Sky, a new beach house rental located in Condominio Villa Marina, at Los Organoes beach.


July 1st, 2014: Rosa del Mar is a new beach house rental located at Pocitas beach, Mancora.


June 26th, 2014: Located in Punta Veleros private condo, Las Terrazas de Punta Veleros is a new house rental at Los Organos.


June 6th, 2014: Casa Ananda is a new beach house rental at Los Organos, inside Villa Marina beach condo.


June 3rd, 2014: Lucy Punta Veleros, a new beach house rental option locates of Punta Veleros resort, Los Organos beach.


May 20th, 2014: A new real state ad located at Mancora beach, north of Punta Ballenas Inn: "Venta Terreno dentro de Condominio Marea Alta, Máncora."


May 14th, 2014: Looking for a place to invest in Mancora?, chech this new Property for sale, located at Pocitas beach, Mancora: "800 m2 Property for Sale at Las Pocitas, Mancora" (spanish inly).


May 3rd, 2014: Clínica San Pedro Apóstol at Mancora it is definitely the best hospital in Mancora and nearby beaches. With over five years of experience, providing health care services to its customers with high quality, warmth and professionalism. Clínica San Pedro











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Special packages in Mancora and beaches nearby:

  From: Vichayito Bung. y Carpas From: Playa Palmeras
  Promociones en Mancora y Playas cercanas Promociones en Mancora y Playas cercanas
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Mancora for Dummies¿First time in Mancora?


We recommend you read this "Mancora for Dummies: Mini Guide of Mancora for beginners". A Summary of all about Mancora and beaches nearby: location, getting here, where to sleep, activities and much more

1. What is Mancora anyway?

Mancora is a small fishing village of no more than 9,000 inhabitants which, for several years now, is the most popular beach of the Peruvian North Shore all year through ...

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