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Las Pocitas - Máncora

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CASA BELLA LUNA, is a beautiful modern beach house, located at the top of Las Pocitas Beach - Máncora, with a truly spectacular panoramic view, thanks to the height of the house, with respect to the beach, which allows you to contemplate in all its magnitude and beauty of the Mancorean sea.


Casa Bella Luna, has all the necessary amenities to enjoy a spectacular vacation at any time of the year, its long staircase, from the Las Pocitas road, crosses a small private condominium of exclusive houses, taking you to Bella Luna, which is Definitely, the house with the best view of the entire condominium, an unparalleled view from any of its rooms, terraces, pool, bar, dining room, living room, kitchen, etc. In addition to having a covered, open-air dining room, also with the same enviable view.


In Las Pocitas, the sun shines all year round, and during the months of July to October there are whale watching, even from the terraces of Casa Bella Luna.


In addition, if you wish, we have first-class cooking and service, an expert cook of regional (northern) and international dishes, who will make you taste the best snacks and dishes with fresh products, fish and seafood acquired daily. by our staff.




Pool/Garden Level:


Garden with large pool and lounge chairs

Drinks bar in front of the pool

Shaded outdoor dining area.



First floor:


Large room with fully equipped kitchen with integrated bar, living room with armchairs and table, TV with DirecTV, guest bathroom.

2 double rooms, each with a queen bed, bathroom with hot water, terrace, TV with DIrecTV.



Second floor


2 double rooms, each with a queen bed, bathroom with hot water, terrace, TV with DIrecTV.

2 triple rooms, each with a double bed + a single and a half bed, bathroom with hot water.




Total capacity of Casa Bella Luna: 12 guests (including children).



High season‎:
- New Year
- Holy Week‎
‎- National Holidays
- School holidays (May, August and October)

Minimum 10 people, minimum stay of 5 nights.


Summer season:
From January 10 to April 15 (Does not include Easter).

Minimum 8 people, minimum stay of 4 nights.


Low season:
Days not included in previous seasons.

Minimum 6 people, minimum stay of 3 nights.



+51 950273979



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Information for the guest:


The guest will provide the list of people who will occupy the home, indicating name, surname, age and ID (max 14 people). This information will be verified by the staff in charge of the house and condominium security. Any changes must be communicated promptly before arrival at Casa Bella Luna.
The guest will be responsible for breakages, damages or losses in general of Casa Bella Luna.


Booking Confirmation/Cancellation:

The right to reserve is acquired only upon receipt of the deposit of 50% of the agreed amount. Likewise, the balance must be deposited at least 15 days before check-in.
If cancellation occurs less than 30 days prior to arrival date, there is no refund.
If the cancellation occurs more than 30 days in advance, another date will be granted according to availability in low season.





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