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Restaurantes y Bares:



In Mancora and beaches nearby there is an interesting cooking style, largely determined by the freshness, quality and variety of seafood that is extracted from its shores. From tuna to fine grouper, shrimp shells to the coveted black mangroves grow in Tumbes, this long list of seafood mixed with the taste of the northern Peruvian cuisine, with challenging mixtures like the typical Majarisco, hot dish based on green bananas and local seafood (shrimp, black shells, crabs, squid and octopus)


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Surf & Kitesurf:


The north of Peru has extraordinary aquatic conditions, whether you’re looking for perfect waves or reliable wind. Surfing in Mancora (photo) is like a religion that is practiced by everyone, from local kids to older people from Lima who live on these warm Peruvian shores.

As far as kitesurfing, the beaches of Mancora are practically virgin to the sport. The combination of perfect waves and strong winds makes this an ideal place for this new discipline. The “windy” seasons are from April to December, the most constant wind are on August, September and October…

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Fishing & Diving:


Thanks to the mix of the cold Humboldt Current and the warm El Niño (or Ecuadorian) Current, here at the coast of Piura and Tumbes we can find many different marine species. Plus there is a place call “Banco de Mancora”, which it lodges an important amount of marine flora and fauna.

In the coastal area of Piura and Tumbes most divers go in search of grouper or Fortuno, fine large fish that usually roam the coast of Mancora, not many yards from the shore and in somebajos known only by local divers….

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Whale Watching:

ballena-mancora-1La temporada de Avistamiento de Ballenas en Máncora y playas cercanas como Los Órganos, Cabo Blanco y Punta Sal (Piura y Tumbes) es una de las actividades más cotizadas en la costa norte del Perú. Ver de cerca a estos animales gigantescos de varias toneladas de peso, de movimientos dóciles y armoniosos, es una de esas experiencias que recordarás para toda la vida.

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Sea Turtles at El Ñuro:

tortuga-nuro-5Caleta El Ñuro es un pequeño pueblo pesquero ubicado a 7 kms de Los Órganos y 23 kms de Máncora. Además de su belleza con tonos desierto de su playa y turquesa del mar, El Ñuro es actualmente conocido por sus tortugas marinas que han hecho del muelle de la localidad, su residencia permanente.

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Spanish School and Lessons:

Wasicenter Spanish School is situated in Mancora, and offers students the chance to learn, improve their Spanish and gain an understanding of Peruvian culture and lifestyle. From beginners to advanced, everyone is welcome to take part in the classes, which take place in the home of a Peruvian family. Classes can also be arranged to take place in the student’s hotel or favourite restaurant if required, and can be taught one-to-one with the teacher, or in small groups of 2-3 students of the same level.

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