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standard-title High & Low Seasons

High & Low Seasons

About the flow of tourists in Mancora:

Mancora and nearby beaches have three marked high season dates (added up they are not more than 13 days per year) while the rest of the year is considered to be normal season and semi high season in some short periods. Hotels in beaches of Mancora, Pocitas and Punta Sal in particular are often full during high season with tourists mostly from Lima. During high seasons lodgings are forced to charge twice or more for their services, but not so the rest of business as restaurants, stores and various services which keep their regular prices.

The medium or low season is virtually the rest of the year. Tourist lodgings are in only half full and in some long weekends or during school holidays (semi high season) are almost to their top capacity. Tourism still exists in normal or low season as well as people on the beach and in bars and restaurants; Mancora actually doesn’t´t transform it into a “ghost town” at any time of the year. There is always national and foreign tourism in the beach and town of Mancora as in Pocitas beach.

High season dates (higher prices):

  • New Year (4 days aprox.).
  • July 28th, Peruvian Festivities (4 days aprox.).
  • Easter Holidays (4 days aprox.).

Semi-high season dates (normal prices):

  • Weekends and sand some January, February and March fortnights (Peruvian summer holidays).
  • Ecuadorian Carnival (in late February or early March).
  • School holidays (from Lima schools) and long weekends such as day of the dead (Halloween – November 1st) and other Peruvian holidays.

Low season dates (normal price):

  • Rest of the year.


Vivamancora recommends

  • Avoiding high season dates in the town of Mancora; there are days that are past its tourist capacity, not so in the rest of the nearby beaches. If you are at this time by Mancora, we recommend going to beaches such as Vichayito or Los Organos which aren’t to the top of its capacity and are very close to Mancora.