standard-title Map & Distances at Mancora

Map & Distances at Mancora

Beach Maps of Piura and Tumbes, Peru:

Detail Map of the beaches located near Mancora on Piura and Tumbes

Mapa Playas de Piura y Tumbes

Airports close to Mancora and nearby beaches of Piura and Tumbes

The national airports near Mancora (Talara, Tumbes and Piura) and international airports of Lima and Guayaquil (Ecuador).

Talara Airport (TYL):
Aeropuerto Capitan FAP Victor Montes Arias.
Frequency: 1 daily flight from Lima.
Flight duration: 1hr40.
Located 80 kms south of Mancora (1hr15 in vehicle)
Flights with Lan Peru.

Tumbes Airport (TBP):
Aeropuerto Capitan FAP Pedro Canga Rodríguez
Frequency: 1 to 2 daily flights from Lima.
Flight duration: 1hr50.
Flights with Lan Perú.

Piura Airport (PIU):
Aeropuerto Capitan FAP Guillermo Concha Iberico.
Frequency: 6 to 8 daily flights from Lima.
Flight duration: 1hr35.
Location 200 kms south from Mancora (2hr15 in vehicle).
Flights with Lan Perú, Avianca and Peruvian Airlines.

Table Distance to / from Mancora

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