standard-title General Information & Useful Tips

General Information & Useful Tips

Weather and geography at Mancora:

Dry semi tropical or tropical savannah, with an annual average of 26 ° C (78.8 ° F)

The minimum never falls under  17ºC and in the hot summer months (December to April) can reach 36ºC. During summer months soft rains are common… Read More

Banks and ATM’s:

Banco de la Nación (a branch in Mancora and another in Los Organos) and Caja Piura are banking institutions providing money exchange services (only American dollars and Peruvian soles, not from other currencies), and also money orders from in Peru.More than 5 ATM machines in Mancora, they take Visa, Visa Electron, Cirrus, MasterCard, and Diners cards.

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Hospital infrastructure, diseases, health:

A small hospital or rural health clinic provides assistance in basic health, both for tourists and natives. There are a couple of private clinics that provide a more specialized service for bigger emergencies, the best is to go to the cities of Talara, Tumbes or better still Piura (such as to the San Miguel clinic), which offer a better service with more and better infrastructure.

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Security and Police:

We would much like to say that here in Mancora there is not theft or crime and security is 100% guaranteed. Unfortunately this is not the case. However, we must say that in Mancora thefts to tourists are not that usual and security problems are more sporadic. The only way to avoid them is being careful and following the procedure recommended by the own hoteliers.

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Telephones, Internet and Wi-Fi:

There are public telephones to make national and international calls in almost all the towns  of the Peruvian coast. Mancora and Los Organos there have telephone booths (locutorios) for national and international calls.
There are several Internet booths (cyber cafe) services with fast network connections. In Mancora, Los Organos, Zorritos also provide computer services in general, such as connection, long distance calls via Skype, printing, among others.

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General Information for Peru

Electric Energy: 220V / 60 Hz 

Peruvian Time : – 5 GMT.

Telephones Codes :
International code for Peru: +051
National code for Lima: 1
National code for Piura: 73
National code for Tumbes: 72