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standard-title Vichayito beach (Los Organos)

Vichayito beach (Los Organos)

This beach belongs to Los Organos district, and it’s located between Los Organos (south) and Pocitas beach, Mancora (north).
This zone enjoys of an absolute tranquility; this beach is a delight for swimming, because it has no rocks. In regard to its infrastructure, it has some hostels / bungalows and restaurants, some stores and also a modern beach spa. Nice houses and bungalows for rent adorn this beautiful beach.
This area promises a good tourist activity on the next years. Vichayito has grown a lot on the last years, thanks to investors and people that love this beach and decided to buy land and build houses, cottages and hotels.
Perfect for kitesurfing and windsurfing, the wind blow up strong between April and November.
The area have some “bajos” (diving spots) like the one know as “bajería Peña Mala”, located on the north side of the beach.
Vichayito has two access routs, via Pocitas beach (Mancora) and the other by the entry to the old North Pan-American Peru Highway (“Antigua Panamericana Norte”), at the 1155 km of the North Pan-American Highway. This entrance has a little sign with green letters that say “Vichayito” among with other hostels signs.

Vichayito Beach Photos

¿What you find in Vichayito beach?

  • Top Hotels and Hostels
  • Top beach house rentals
  • Restaurant’s Hotel
  • Incredible beach with no too many rocks perfect for swimming
  • Buy from beach sellers (crafts, hats, art, even lobsters!)
  • Diving and fishing points
  • More products and services you can find it in Mancora town or Los Organos town


Referencial prices at Vichayito beach

  • 1 coca cola on hotel: S/. 3,00 soles / USD$[convert number=2 from=”pen” to=”usd”] dollars.
  • 1 personal beer on hotel: S/. 5,00 soles / USD$[convert number=3 from=”pen” to=”usd”] dollars.
  • 1 good ceviche on restaurant hotel: S/. 30,00 soles / USD$[convert number=25 from=”pen” to=”usd”] dollars.
  • 1 noche alojamiento ejecutivo: S/. 100,00 soles / USD$[convert number=100 from=”pen” to=”usd”] dollars.
  • Moto Taxi Transportation to Mancora: S/. 15,00 soles / USD$[convert number=15 from=”pen” to=”usd”] dollars.
  • Moto Taxi Transportation to Los Organos: S/. 15,00 soles / USD$[convert number=15 from=”pen” to=”usd”] dollars.

Key Places at Vichayito beach

General map of Vichayito beach with ley places you need to know.