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standard-title Weather, Temperature & Geography

Weather, Temperature & Geography

Weather in Mancora:

Dry semi tropical or tropical savannah, with an annual average of 26 ° C (78.8 ° F)
The minimum never falls under  17ºC and in the hot summer months (December to April) can reach 36ºC. During summer months soft rains are common.

The geographical position of the area locates all these beaches of Piura and Tumbes in front of the crossing of the two large water currents: the cold one called Humboldt (coming from South) and the warm Equatorial or current El Niño (from North).

Weather Report for Mancora



¿Why Mancora has the perfect weather?


The confluence of these two water currents creates an excellent semitropical and dry climate, with an average of 60% relative humidity and more than 300 sunny days in average per year; temperatures ranging from 21º to 34º C, southern moderate winds (more intense in the months between June and October), almost total absence of rain, except in exceptional summers.

While on the beaches South of Piura they have a more temperate / desert weather, the beaches to the North of Tumbes (coast of Ecuador) are warmer and very humid. Mancora adopts the best of both climates.

One of the best reasons to visit Mancora and/or nearby beaches is its enviable climate, which stays mostly unchanged throughout the year.

Sea temperature:

Thanks to the clash of Humboldt and Equatorial Ocean currents, water temperature varies between summer and winter.

In summer (December to April) varies between 22 ° C and 26 ° C and the rest of the year between 18 ° C to 21 ° C. The beaches located south of Cabo Blanco have lower temperatures by being more influenced by the Humboldt Current temperatures.

Geography of the area:

Beaches in this coastal area have white sand and turquoise-blue sea colors. Defined as Equatorial Dry Forest, Mancora has vast lands covered with of carob trees, adopting this way the desert feature which prevails on the Peruvian coast. During the summer rains the desert carobs turn the area green and Mancora looks quite green for a few months.

Vivamancora recommends:

  • Sunscreen, sandals, sun glasses.

  • Lightweight clothing, only from May to October it gets bit colder at night.

  • If you come in summer (December to April), forget about thick clothing

  • Mosquito repellent, in cream or spray

  • In Mancora´s market you can buy palo santo, a wood that when burnt repels mosquitoes.

All these articles can be found in Mancora and nearby town and beaches.