standard-title Coming from Ecuador or Colombia to Mancora

Coming from Ecuador or Colombia to Mancora

From Quito, Bogota, Cali to Mancora:

The more usual way is to take a flight from this cities to Lima with connections flights directly to Talara, Piura or Tumbes (Peru), cities located near Mancora.

From this airports, you can get a private taxi van directly to your beach house or hotel at Mancora or nearby beaches, or from airports get to the closets bus station and then get to Mancora or to any beach in Piura and Tumbes.

The fastest way to get to Mancora, Pocitas, Vichayito, Los Organos and Lobitos:
Connections flight to Lima – Talara and from the same airport of Talara, take a taxi or van directly to your hotel or beach house…

The fastest way to get to the beaches of Punta Sal, Canoas y Zorritos:
Connections flight to Lima – Tumbes and from the same airport of Tumbes, take a taxi or van directly to your hotel or beach house…

Airports close to Mancora and nearby beaches of Piura and Tumbes

The national airports near Mancora (Talara, Tumbes and Piura) and international airports of Lima and Guayaquil (Ecuador).

  • Talara Airport (TYL):
    Aeropuerto Capitan FAP Victor Montes Arias.
    Frequency: 1 daily flight from Lima.
    Flight duration: 1hr40.
    Located 80 kms south of Mancora (1hr15 in vehicle)
    Flights with Lan Peru.
  • Tumbes Airport (TBP):
    Aeropuerto Capitan FAP Pedro Canga Rodríguez
    Frequency: 1 to 2 daily flights from Lima.
    Flight duration: 1hr50.
    Flights with Lan Perú.
  • Piura Airport (PIU):
    Aeropuerto Capitan FAP Guillermo Concha Iberico.
    Frequency: 6 to 8 daily flights from Lima.
    Flight duration: 1hr35.
    Location 200 kms south from Mancora (2hr15 in vehicle).
    Flights with Lan Perú, Avianca and Peruvian Airlines.
  • International Airport of Lima, Peru (LIM). 1165 kms from Mancora.
  • International Airport of Guayaquil, Ecuador (GYE). 470 kms from Mancora.

From Guayaquil (Ecuador) to Mancora:

Other possibility is getting to the International Guayaquil Airport (Ecuador, 470 kms from Mancora). From here, take a transport to Mancora (private taxi, car rental, international bus with Oltursa, Cruz del Sur or Cifa, crossing the border Huaquillas (Peru) – Aguas Verdes (Ecuador), and then getting to Mancora and the beaches of Tumbes and Piura.

From Montañita (Ecuador) to Mancora:

From the beach of Montañita (Ecuador) or any beach located in the Ruta del Sol (Salinas, Ayampe, Olon, Puerto Lopez, among others.) there is no direct transport. You should take some transport to Guayaquil, and from there, see the options described above. The total journey from Montañita to Mancora, included immigration, can lasts about 11 hours.

From Loja, Vilcabamba or Cuenca (Southeast Ecuador) to Mancora:

Check if Guayaquil (see above) is near your location and another option is crossing La Tina – Macara (Peru – Ecuador) border, located northeast of Peru, near to the Ecuadorian city of Loja. From there take a transport to Sullana (2 hrs) and from there a transport to Mancora (3 hrs).