Mancora beach, the perfect spot to celebrate your wedding in Peru.

Mancora beach, the perfect spot to celebrate your wedding in Peru.

The town of Mancora has become a tourist town that every year receives thousands of people looking for a place to rest and escape the grueling routine. But beyond the Peruvians who decide to enjoy a few days of vacation on the sandy beaches of this town in the north of the country, there is something that has caught our attention.

According to the marriage portal Zankyou Weddings, Máncora has become an alternative that many couples shuffle when choosing the place where they will celebrate their wedding and celebrate a destination wedding. In a study prepared by this web of marriages, 13% of the couples registered in the portal during the past year chose a destination with a beach to say yes, we Peruvians like to get married near the sea!

And it is that this percentage shoots up against the global average that is around 8%. Thanks to its paradisiacal scenarios, Mancora is at the top of the favorite destinations to make marriages on the beach without leaving Peru, although the The beloved’s favorite place is still the capital, Lima, as well as other secondary cities such as Cusco and Arequipa.

It should be noted that the thousands of kilometers that separate these populations are more than enough reason for couples who celebrate their wedding in these northern beaches, choose to organize a destination wedding. And it is that Máncora becomes one of the most outstanding options, because it allows that the relatives and friends who accompany the future spouses can enjoy a tourism of adventure and relax in equal parts.

To give the yes in this coastal town you will find multiple options, from centers of events or mansions, to elegant hotels that have the best services and infrastructures so that this moment of your life becomes the most unforgettable day. In addition, the data obtained from the aforementioned study concludes that one of the main.

The arguments that couples use to visit the beaches of Máncora is that they have the possibility of doing adventure activities, such as surfing or diving. Many will take advantage of their wedding destination to do it together with their families, although the vast majority take advantage of this trip to enjoy a few days of rest and the start of their honeymoon in Mancora, as in the accommodations of the city you will find all the comforts necessary to enjoy a few days of relaxation by the sea.