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standard-title Zorritos Beach and Town

Zorritos Beach and Town

Beach and fishermen town, Zorritos is located 28 kilometers south Tumbes. Here the warm Equatorial or El Niño Current, don’t let the seawater get any cold. Also there is a tropical sensation on the air, much greener and warmer than Mancora and other beaches to the south. Has a nice boardwalk, the beach is nice and cozy.

Many lodges, hostels and restaurants offer their services, some of them at seashore. Zorritos can be a  good option: a warm and nice beach really close to Tumbes, Tumbes Airport and the border with Ecuador. From here you can access to Hervideros: little pools like thermal baths with natural underground hot water.

On summer months (November to April) there are some interesting surf points, usually with few people surfing, a weird and exciting fact on these days.

Zorritos offer buses agencies, drugstores, mini super markets and usually all the basic stuff you need. Zorritos is waiting for you to enjoy some holidays in a tropical and relaxing way.

Zorritos Beach Photos

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¿What you find in Zorritos beach and town?

  • Hotels, hostels and Lodgings
  • Restaurants
  • Stores
  • Banco de la Nación (local bank), Agentes BCP (Banco de Crédito, Peruvian bank)
  • Mini markets, and main market.
  • Drugstores, a hospital
  • Bus and Transportation Companies (Oltursa, Cruz del Sur, Flores, CIVA, CIAL, Tepsa, Cifa, among others)
  • Taxi and Transfer service, and local Moto Taxi transportation
  • Gas Stations  (diesel, 84 and 90 octane gas).
  • Internet cafes and Telephone and Mobile Service (Claro, Entel, Bitel and Movistar)
  • Nacional Police Station (PNP).


Some reference prices at Zorritos beach and town

  • 1 cold coconut: S/. 3,00 soles / USD$0.8 dollars.
  • 1 coca cola: S/. 2,00 soles / USD$0.5 dollars.
  • 1 personal beer: S/. 3,00 soles / USD$0.8 dollars.
  • 4 bananas: S/. 1,00 sol / USD$0.3 dollars.
  • 1 avocado: S/. 2,00 soles / USD$0.5 dollars.
  • 6 bread: S/. 1,00 sol / USD$0.3 dollars.
  • 1 good ceviche: S/. 25,00 soles / USD$6.8 dollars.
  • 1 backpacker menu: S/. 6,00 soles / USD$1.6 dollars.
  • 1 classic menu: S/. 15,00 soles / USD$4.1 dollars.
  • 1 top menu: S/. 25,00 soles / USD$6.8 dollars.
  • 1 backpacker stay per night: S/. 15,00 soles / USD$4.1 dollars.
  • 1 classic stay per nigh: S/. 35,00 soles / USD$9.5 dollars.
  • 1 top stay per nigh: S/. 100,00 soles / USD$27.1 dollars.

Key Places at Zorritos beach

General Map of Zorritos beach with the places you need to know.

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