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Mancora 1994

a story by Maria Elena Carbajal

It was an ordinary day in 1994, 11: 30 at night, almost all the small town´s lights were off and those which were still on were about to be down in about half an hour; everything would be in absolute darkness and the only thing that could make the villagers get up would be the sound of the sea, announcing the good fishing day for the next day or the unbearable heat of the morning.

That´s how days went by in this place that seemed to be lost in time and were fishing was all to be done for a living…only a few crazy ones would go out surfing.

The few surfers who were in this place were some adventurers who, involved in their obsession with good waves, arrived at this fishermen cove more than 1200 km. north of their houses. Where between mountains and ravines “discovered” one of the most beautiful beaches along the Peruvian coast.

The years pass and places change; today, and after 15 years of that quiet night, this small fishermen cove has evolved and is witness to surprising changes, both in its infrastructure and their simple lifestyle.

Today, this modest fishermen village has become one of the favorite touristic destinies at a national level and is devoted to be so at an international level too.

Mancora grew and while much of the place has become a profitable business which, in many cases, has lost a balance with nature. It is such a magical place and so full of life and colors that will be almost impossible not to overlook some of their traditional streets meet with some veterans and rediscover the true meaning of being in here, the contact with nature, forests, the sky, the sea …


María Elena Carbajal

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