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Apneyo: "Asociation for Special Children and Others "Divino Niño Jesus"

Website: www.apneyomancora.org


Ms. Maria Cordoba, known here in Mancora for their excellent massages and the ability to fix injured surfer who beg for her prodigious hands, is also well known for its non-profit association called Apneyo, whose main objective is to help children and low-income youth with special abilities, by providing help with physiotherapy, hearing, language and medical treatments for their integration into society.

Apneyo currently receives contributions from all kinds of good-hearted people, but it's never enough and they always need all kinds of support, from donations to volunteering.

Since June 2011, Apneyo fulfilled one of its most ambitious goals: to have their own school in Mancora, and now the next goal is to fully equip with the best facilities and professionals. We invite you to participate actively in this beautiful work, visit their website for more information.


You can help Apneyo invalidating the 10% for income tax (for peruvian companies), to make the dream of these children and youth.

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Robin Hood Project at Mancora

Web: www.robinhoodproject.org

Address: Av Garu 658, Máncora
Mobile: (+51) 94 609 6175
Email: info@robinhoodspanishschool.com

Robin Hood Project volunteer programme in Mancora is a great opportunity to get involved in community work and make a differenece.
Robin Hood After School centre and Literacy program prides itself in imporving our children's lives, targeting the children that need it the most, developing them academically and socially.

We offer 2 types of Volunteer Programmes in Mancora:

Part-time - 3 days a week (8 hours per week)
Full-time - 5 days a week (25 hours per week)

Please go to our website for more information.

www.robinhoodproject.org or www.robinhoodspanishschool.com

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