"A beautiful beach close to Piura city"

It is a beautiful beach located 72 km from Piura city. Here at Colan there is the  "San Lucas" church, the first founded by the Spanish in South America.


Colan has some hostels and restaurants to serve tourists comfortably. Colan is a long beach and the ocean is ideal for windsurfing boating, kayaking, among others water sports.


Colan is a beautiful place, many houses are built on wooden stilts, allowing close proximity to the ocean. The southern part of the beach is known as Las Palmeras. The sea is calm and a little colder than the beaches located near Mancora.


District of Paita (Piura province).
Panam. highway alt: km 1019.
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72 kms from Piura city
Panamericana Norte
Population: ---

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