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Mancora and Beaches Nearby

General Information

Really good weather, magical beaches, sunny days all year round, perfect waves and delicious seafood cuisine summarize the feeling of the beaches located in the north department of Piura and Tumbes, north coast of Peru.

Vivamancora Travel Guide includes information about everything from the warm beaches of Zorritos at Tumbes (90 kms north from Mancora) to the surfer beaches of Lobitos at Piura (80 kms south of Mancora), including Colan beach, near Piura City. More than 10 beautiful beaches to visit, in which Mancora and Pocitas beaches are the ones most visited by tourists all year round, with good facilities and for all budgets.


If you like to spend your holidays at seashore, with good weather all year round (permanent sun without humidity), this stretch of coast at the provinces of Tumbes and Piura are definitely the best beaches in Peru and one of the most outstanding of all the South Pacific coast

Beach Maps
Beach Map 


All of these beaches have in common several characteristics that make this area and beach paradise:


  • Sun all year long (300 sunny days average annually), nice temperatures without humidity. More about weather, click here.
  • Beautiful beaches, perfect for swimming and relaxation, many with good tourist services.  For a list of beaches that we include at Vivamancora, click here.
  • Warm sea (annual average 20C) in summer and in some winter months (especially on the beaches located north of Cabo Blanco).
  • Incredible waves for surfing all year round and good wind for kitesurfing and windsurfing between May to December. Click to get more information about surf or kitesurf.
  • Amazing marine life, thanks to the mixture of the Humboldt and El Niño or Equatorial marine current in front of Cabo Blanco coasts, perfect for those who practice diving and fishing. Click to get more information about fishing and diving.
    The amazing local cuisine, based on fresh fish  (tuna, grouper and marlin among others) and seafood.
Punta Pico El Murique, Zorritos

- Mancora and beaches nearby, the magical Peruvian northcoast -

Mancora and its surrounding beaches have changed little by little into the most attractive beach destination for tourists from all corners of the planet.
Ceviche de Mero, perfect long lefts waves, sun and cold beer are the words that we hear daily from Peruvian tourists (mostly from Lima) as well as foreigners who are impressed by the friendly and down-to-earth people of northern Peru.
“Perfect beaches with magical sunsets” and “unforgettable family vacations at seashore” are only some comments that perfectly describe the area of Mancora and its surroundings.
Tourists who visit these beaches vary widely; from families looking for extraordinary vacations to the simple backpacker passing through who, without realizing it, stays for weeks as if trapped by the magic of Mancora and surrounding beaches.
For the traveler in transit from the Peru – Ecuador border, Mancora is the perfect place to rest and relax for days.


Pocitas beach, the best of the Peruvian coast

Mancora for Dummies¿First time in Mancora?


We reccomend you read this "Mancora for Dummies: Mini Guide of Mancora for begginners". A Summary of all about Mancora and beaches nearby: location, getting here, where to sleep, activities and much more

1. What is Mancora anyway?

Mancora is a small fishing village of no more than 9,000 inhabitants which, for several years now, is the most popular beach of the Peruvian North Shore all year through ...

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List of Touristic beaches from Piura y Tumbes provinces

(ordered by importance)

Foto MancoraMancora: Town and central beach


Mancora is the beach that brings more tourists from all the north of Peru, all year long. Located on the kilometer 1165 of the Panamerican Highway (Panamericana Norte), this little fishermen village is on the north limit of Piura Department. Mancora offer hostels, hostels, houses for rent and restaurants for all pockets and tastes ...



Foto PocitasPocitas beach (Mancora Chico)


Located only 3 kilometers south from Mancora’s downtown with a total length of six kms approximately. Las Pocitas (“Little Wells”) is one of the most beautiful beaches from the coast of Peru. You can get there from Mancora, Los Organos or Vichayito walking, by taxi or in a moto-taxi, the most used type of transportation on the zone ... 


Foto Vichayito Vichayito beach


This beach belongs to Los Organos district, and it’s located between Los Organos (south) and Pocitas beach, Mancora (north). This zone enjoys of an absolute tranquility; this beach is a delight for swimming, because it has no rocks. In regard to its infrastructure, it has some hostels / bungalows and restaurants, some stores....



Foto Los OrganosLos Órganos and Punta Veleros beach


Located at only 13 kilometers south of Mancora, Los Organos is a tempting option for those who are searching for a quiet place and nice beaches too. The most visited beach at Los Organos is “Punta Veleros”, in which is located a little private condo ...



Foto Punta SalPunta Sal and Canoas de Punta Sal


Located 79 kilometers south of Tumbes and 23 kilometers north from Mancora, Punta Sal is in only a few worlds, a tourist center with some good hotels and cozy houses for rent. It has a variety of hostels, hotels, bungalows and some good restaurants.




Foto ZorritosZorritos


Beach and fishermen town, Zorritos is located 28 kilometers south Tumbes. Here the warm Equatorial or El Niño Current, don’t let the seawater get any cold. Also there is a tropical sensation on the air, much greener and warmer than Mancora and other beaches to the south. Has a nice boardwalk, the beach is nice and cozy ...


Foto ColanColan


t is a beautiful beach located 72 km from Piura city. Here at Colan there is the  "San Lucas" church, the first founded by the Spanish in South America. Colan has some hostels and restaurants to serve tourists comfortably. Colan is a long beach and the ocean is ideal for windsurfing boating, kayaking, among others water sports ...




Foto LobitosLobitos


Located at 70 kms south of Mancora, Lobitos and surrounding beaches differ from the rest of the beaches at the north, mostly for its weather and sea temperature, both colder than the other beaches. This beach does not have the extraordinary good weather all year round, like the beaches north from Cabo Blanco. 


Foto El NuroEl Ñuro


Located 23 kms south of Mancora, is beautiful and solitary beach is the natural continuation of Los Organos beach.  Also known as “Caleta el Ñuro”, this small fishing village offer a spectacular beach, where the coastal desert mix with the turquoise color ocean in beautiful ways ...



Foto Cabo BlancoCabo Blanco


The literature Nobel Prize winner in 1954, Ernest Hemingway used to come to this beach looking for the fishing of the Black Merlin. The natives say that when Hemingway visit Cabo Blanco, he actually “saw” in real life his claimed novel "The Old Man and the Sea" written years ago ...


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