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The beauty and magic of the North Peruvian Sea is known by many, however Spondylus Group proposes viewing this paradise from a different angle. Almost unexplored until today, is the rich and colorful world that lies beneath the surface, along the Mancora coast line.


Spondylus is the first PADI diving school in Peru (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and it is no coincidence that they have chosen the coast of Mancora and Las Organos as their hub. The pleasant water temperature, along with good visibility and a great variety of marine species, makes this piece of coast line an ideal place for the practice and teaching of this beautiful sport. During a dive here you will encounter a huge diversity of sea life: Tropical fish including Butterfly and Angelfish, Groupers, Seahorses, Moray eels, Octopi, Crustaceans, Turtles and even mammals such as Sea Lions. There is even the possibility of hearing whale song during dives, a unique and exciting experience.


Fotos Spondylus Escuela de Buceo

Vivamancora had the opportunity to see Spondylus Escuela de Buceo in action by accompanying, Maurice Epstein (PADI diving instructor, with teaching experience in Thailand and Indonesia) and his team, to dive off the Pier in El Ñuro, located just 20 min south from Mancora.


We departed at 7.30am from Mancora in a 4x4 pickup truck, together with a group of tourists ready for their first ever Scuba Diving experience.  A bright sunny day, beautiful flat water, and the famous resident Green Turtles (100+), frequently seen during dives here, were waiting for us at El Nuro beach when we arrived.


After a briefing on the beach (in English or Spanish) Maurice invited the divers to try their first underwater adventure with him. There was no feeling of stress or anxiety from the new divers, who looked happy and relaxed throughout, under the professional guidance of Maurice.


The standard of equipment and instruction that Spondylus Escuela de Buceo offers is first class! Having a high quality fully certified PADI Dive school in Mancora is a reality! Spondylus Escuela de Buceo invites you to try this magical experience for yourself, no matter how old you are (minimum age 8), young and old can enjoy an unforgettable underwater experience, here on the shores of Mancora, Organos, Cabo Blanco and Punta Sal.


The best thing about diving is that it is simple, easy and fun and no previous diving experience is required. Spondylus Escuela de Buceo has ensured that they have all the necessary equipment from high quality brands such as Scubapro and Bauer, and they also provide transfers by car and boat when necessary.


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PADI Dive school (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)
Phone: (+51) 999 891 268
Nextel: (51*)103*8474

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Diving / General Information:

In the coastal area of Piura and Tumbes most divers go in search of grouper or Fortuno, fine large fish that usually roam the coast of Mancora, not many yards from the shore and in some bajos known only by local divers.
Although visibility is not comparable to the Caribbean Sea for example, is sufficient to spot different types of fish listed above. A good day visibility can reach up to approximately 7 meters and an average day reaches 4 m approx.
The preferred divers sectors are at Pocitas, also in the area known as Bajerio Peña Mala at Vichayito beach, and south Cabo Blanco. Towards Tumbes, Punta Sal is recognized as a good spot of diving and fishing, as well as some bajos off the beach known as Peña Redonda. We recommend you go with a guide or local diver for a better location.


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