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Foto restaurant del mesDeli Market Nicolini


If you come to the Peruvian northcoast and you like good drinking and eating, from fine stack to imported wines, check Deli Market Nicolini, a stocked little shop located in the main avenue of Mancora, next Bakery Panadería Rico Pan and in front of Cruz del Sur bus company. Deli Market offers national and imported products, fresh lobsters from Mancora to fine cuts of meats, Italian products, and Japanenese French, among others...

1 : Ceviche de Pescado of Rest Cesar
2 : Pez Espada en Salsa de Algarrobinao of Donde Teresa
3 : Causa roja con atún al ajonjolí en ... of DCO Gourmet Rest
4 : Maki Acevichado of Sushi El Mirador
6 : Surf and Turf of El Ají Restaurant
7 : Burritos vegetariano of De Angela
The magical cuisine at Mancora


Restaurant PhotoIn Mancora and beaches nearby there is an interesting cooking style, largely determined by the freshness, quality and variety of seafood that is extracted from its shores. From tuna to fine grouper, shrimp shells to the coveted black mangroves grow in Tumbes, this long list of seafood mixed with the taste of the northern Peruvian cuisine, with challenging mixtures like the typical Majarisco (photo), hot dish based on green bananas and local seafood (shrimp, black shells, crabs, squid and octopus)
The ceviche is the emblem plate in Mancora and surrounding beaches; the freshness of a sea bass or grouper (mero murique) ceviche, always served 100% fresh, with camote (sweet potatoes) and chifles (fried slices of banana). Another amazing stew of northern cuisine is the vigorous Parihuela, a fish stock with all local seafood, including sometimes a lobster.

In addition to fish and seafood in Mancora, the most recommended non seafood dishes are the Copus (goat cooked in an underground wave) and the Seco de  Chavelo, prepared with seasoned beef and fried green bananas, which offers only in some restaurants.



World Wide Cuisine at Mancora :


In addition to the northern cuisine, Mancora boasts an impressive variety of cuisine, this in large part because of several restaurants created and managed by Lima and foreigners people who decided to stay in this magical resort. From Italy to Mexico, from Austria to Lima, the variety is great considering that no more than a hundred restaurants in Mancora.




Deli Market