Kitesurf and windsurf

General information

General Conditions:


Kitesurf MancoraWinds depend a lot on the beach and the time of the year. For example, the best season for Kitesurfing at Mancora is from April to November, where winds can exceed 30 knots. To the south in Tres Cruces ("Three Crosses", see map) you can find reliable strong winds almost all year long. Other beaches such as El Golf have ideal conditions, including consistent winds with beach break style waves.
There are two spots in Mancora to kitesurf. The first is the point, where you can practice maneuvers in the surf. The second is “La Laguna” (The Lagoon), located 2 kms north of the point in Mancora. The lagoon is practically stuck to the ocean, with only a sand dune of 200 meter separating the two (depending on time of year). “La Laguna” is ideal for practicing airs above the calm waters surface. The view is truly beautiful.
Places like Lobitos (photo, only 70 kms south of Mancora) and other beaches nearby have good conditions for kitesurfing with waves.



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