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Spa, Relaxation and Yoga

at Mancora and beaches nearby

Here we present you the best alternatives for this disciplines at Mancora and beaches nearby, from therapeutic massage on your hostel or daily Yoga morning lessons and sessions.


Origenes, Spa de Playa


ORIGENES Spa de Playa in Vichayito, is a holistic spa, at the shores of the idyllic Vichayito beach, in Mancora, Peru. It is a natural sanctuary where you may enjoy exotic treatments, massages, facials, floral baths, Reiki and more. Origenes use fine aromatic oils, herbs and natural products to leave your body and mind totally renewed.

The spa has elegant massage rooms for couples or individuals, with granite bathtubs and private bathrooms. You can relax in the Jacuzzi, the sea water infinity pool or enjoy the walking meditation labyrinth. You will spend unforgettable moments of relaxation there. This is a Day Spa and they do not offer lodging.

Visit us: www.spaorigenes.com


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