How to get to Mancora

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How to get there:


 You can only get directly to Mancora and/or beaches nearby by road, through the Northern Pan-American Highway. Several bus companies from Lima, Tumbes, Piura, Guayaquil (Ecuador) and other cities of Peru get to Mancora. As well as taxis and other transport services from airports near Mancora.
 There are various routes to get to Mancora. Please read carefully the flights, buses and taxis information listed below.

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The fastest way to get to Mancora and/or nearby beaches is to take a flight (of approximately two hours) from Lima, capital city of Peru, 1165 km south of Mancora, to the cities of Piura or Tumbes.
From there to reach Mancora and/or nearby beaches, take some land transport  like rental vehicle, private taxi, shared minivan, interprovincial bus ;trip lasts between two and three hours approx.


Lan Airlines and Taca Airlines currently offers daily flights from Lima to Piura and/or Tumbes.


Airlines companies that offer flights from Lima to Piura or Tumbes:


  • Lan Airlines
    Call Center Peru: +51 (1) 213 8200
    Telephone Lima: +51 (1) 213 8200
    Telephone Piura: +51 (73) 30 2145



NOTE: Since October 2012, there are no more commercial flights to Talara city.


Closest airport to Mancora:
Airport Location Aprox time from Lima by air How many daily flight * Distance from Máncora
Piura Airport, PIU Inside Piura city 1:45 hrs
5 daily flights 204 kms
Tumbes Airport, TBP 13 kms north from Tumbes cityTumbes 1:55 hrs 1 daily + 3 extra flight per week 114 kms
Airport, Ecuador, GYE
Inside Guayaquil city --- --- 420 kms aprox

* last update: 8th, november 2011



For a better understanding, view our maps.


On flights, a less frequented possibility, you can catch a flight to Guayaquil international airport, Ecuador, 420 km north of Mancora. From here take some land transport (rental vehicle, private taxi, shared minivan, international bus), crossing the Peru - Ecuador border to reach Mancora and/or nearby beaches. For more information on this route, click here.


Taxis and local travel / transfer companies


From the airports and cities of Piura or Tumbes, even from Guayaquil airport, there are a diversity of ways to reach Mancora and/or nearby beaches. These are:


  • Rented vehicles
  • Private Taxi
  • Shared Van or minivan
  • Interprovincial bus


Private taxi:


Direct service from the airport (Piura, Tumbes) to your hostel or beach house in the area. Prices vary according to the service and the airport, we recommend consulting with the companies belonging to the community.

Elvis Taxi
Lorly EIRL
Taxi San Jose
Taxi Seguro en Piura


Shared Van or minivan:


Directly from the airport or some point in the cities, these van or minivans have capacity for approximately 8 passengers. For prices, consult the companies belonging to the community.

Zorritos Travel



Car rental:


There are car rental services in Mancora, although larger and specialized services exist only in the cities of Tumbes, Piura and Talara.

From the cities of Piura and Tumbes is possible to rent vehicles for days or weeks. We don´t have more information on this at the moment.






The second and most recommended (and economic) option to get to Mancora from Lima or another city in Peru is taking a direct bus to Mancora or nearby beaches.
There are bus companies that offer a very good service and although from Lima it is a long journey (1165 km, 16 hrs on bus), it is not as terrible as it sounds; if you choose correctly the bus company and its different services. This option is the most used by tourists from Lima.

Pacifico Adventures

The General characteristics of the best Lima - Máncora bus routes are:


  • They depart from quiet residential districts, (ABC1) in Lima, such as the neighborhoods Miraflores and San Isidro.
  • They take 16 hrs approximately. Usually buses depart in the afternoon from Lima, arriving in the early morning of the following day in Mancora.
  • Do not make stops along the way, except for the switching of drivers.
  • Two floor buses, where the first floor is usually Executive class (with more spacious and wide reclining seats) and the second floor is Economy class with good reclining seats (some are semi bed).
  • They include in their services on board dinner and breakfast.
  • Air conditioning system, two bathrooms, TV with DVD.
  • The price of this service is between US $ 35 to US $ 60 *, for one way tickets.
  • Some buses offer Wi-Fi (wireless Internet for laptops and notebooks) for a big part of the journey.


* Last update, May 2010.
* Reference prices. Bus companies usually raise their prices in high season; dates close to 28 July (Peruvian independence festivities) and New Year. For more about seasons, click here.


Economic buses:


There are buses of up to US $ 18 * per trip Lima - Mancora, some of which stop at many places along the highway. The journey takes much more time than the above mentioned buses. Some of these buses leave from the popular "Fiori" bus station in Lima.
* Reference prices from other cities in Peru:


From other cities in Peru:


From the rest of Peru (Trujillo, Chiclayo, Chimbote, Tarapoto, etc.), it would be more appropriate to take a bus to Piura (or Tumbes) and from that point take any direct service to Mancora or nearby beaches. If you come from Cusco or cities south of Lima (coast, mountains or jungle), you must first get to Lima and take the aforementioned options. If you come from Tumbes, take some direct transport to Mancora and/or nearby beaches (we recommend CIFA buses from Tumbes, the Ecuadorian border, or private taxi).


February 16th, 2011: Cruz del Sur Bus Company offer a new route: Mancora - Guayaquil (Ecuador)


MancoraBuses Cruz del Sur announced its new route Mancora - Guayaquil (Ecuador). This section is always in great demand by tourists, connecting the classic route Mancora beach - Montanita, plus connect Mancora with Guayaquil International Airport making more comfortable the migratory movement of tourists between the two borders.

Departures from Mancora are at 7:45 AM to arrive in Guayaquil at 4:35 PM, just under 9 hours of travel. Besides this company, and Ormeño, CIFA Buses offer this same route. To view your poster, click here.



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To travel from Guayaquil to Mancora or  to the border Peru – Ecuador , we recommend CIFA buses or Ormeño Buses.


Eco Lodge La Caprichosa
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Canopy en Mancora
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