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Lobitos could be the first Marine Landscaping Reserve of Peru

An article of El Comercio by Rommel Gonzáles.

Sunday, April 17th, 2011


"The project that would declare to this beach, its geographic dunes and ends in a Protected Natural Area, already is in the Sernanp"



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Discover the other side of Mancora


An article of El Comercio by Milagros Vera Colens

February 2th, 2010


"To visit the beach of Mancora, in the department of Piura, is for many, a tradition of summer. Nevertheless, few know that besides their lukewarm sea and its good waves many activities exist to realise.,...


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Mancora Gourmet: if you want to enjoy vacations at Mancora, know the top places to eat delicious

An article of El Comercio by Raúl Cachay.

Sunday, February 14th, 2010


"Always there is a good reason to return to Máncora, the sun shines the whole year, the beach maintains the solitary mystery what it has not been invaded by the massive and disorderly tourism of the spas “fashionable”, in short, the place is of an insurmountable beauty. ..."

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Mancora 1994


A story by María Elena Carbajal.


"It was an ordinary day in 1994, 11: 30 at night, almost all the small town´s lights were off and those which were still on were about to be down in about half an hour; everything would be in absolute darkness and the only thing that could make the villagers get up would be the sound of the sea ,...


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