El Ñuro

"Beautiful virgin beach of turquish waters"

Located 23 kms south of Mancora, is beautiful and solitary beach is the natural continuation of Los Organos beach.  Also known as “Caleta el Ñuro”, this small fishing village offer a spectacular beach, where the coastal desert mix with the turquoise color ocean in beautiful ways.


Recently a pier has built and slowly some investors put theirs eyes on this little and lovely beach. There are just a few beach houses, plus some private lots and condominiums lots for sale.


Punta Farallon is the geographical name that receives this peculiar rock formation, where one of them has a pyramidal form. In the same rock formation is where the surfing wave for El Ñuro breaks, a wave ideal for beginners that usually has the best conditions in summer time. When there are waves at Mancora are is really crowded, escape to El Ñuro; if you are lucky here you can find some nice waves and with no one at the point!.  We recommend visiting this beach on a daily trip. For the adventurous seeking for absolute solitude in front of a beautiful beach, you can rent some beach houses at seashore.


District of Los Órganos (Piura province).

23 kms south of Mancora
7 kilometers away from Los Organos
Panam. highway alt: km 1150, view map.
Population: 500 hab aprox.


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El Ñuro:
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