Where to Sleep / Accommodations

General Information

At Mancora and beaches nearby exist a wide variety of places to sleep and spend your holidays. On general terms, they are two types of lodgings on the area:


Hostels, Hotels and Bed and breakfast type: Conventional type of lodge. The tourist pay for a room and you can use their facilities,  etc…

Houses Rental and and private bungalows for rent: You rent a specific private property, house or beach bungalow on a determined period of time, in which you can use all the facilities, kitchen, swimming pool, etc…
Some private houses include (or additionally) an employee services. Taking care for the cooking and cleaning.



Notes and considerations:


  • Vivamancora.com is not responsible for the quality of every lodging or for the quality of their services. These are responsibility of each lodging.
  • This list only include lodgings affiliated to Vivamancora.com Community and link you directly to the website of each lodging.
  • Most of the accommodations don’t show their prices; in this case you will need to contact directly each accommodation to know their update rates and availability.
  • High seasons are: New Year (5 days aprox.), Easter Holidays (5 days aprox) and dates near July28th, Peruvian Festivities (5 days aprox). If you wish to visit Mancora and closest beaches on any on these dates, we strongly recommend you do your reservation days or weeks before. More about high and low seasons, click here.
  • The order of the lodgings is per subscription date at Vivamancora. Does not have any relationship with the quality or price of each lodging.  For an alphabetic list of all accommodations, please click on the specific pop up menu, located on the top right of this page.
  • Many lodgings ask for an advance deposit to finish the reservations process. This is a common characteristic here at Mancora and closest beaches.
  • We recommend that you don’t listen to the moto taxi drivers at Mancora when they recommend you a hostel, hotel or house. Usually they recommend the ones that they give them more commission for their own. They can sound really convincing sometimes, even talk bad thing about any other lodge that they don’t give them a good commission. No play this game and check all your possibilities at Vivamancora.
  •  Only a few lodgings on the area have the specific category of “hotel” given by the Peruvian Entity (MINCETUR). Sometimes we have used the word “hotel” for naming a place to sleep with no specific categorization.
  • “Pocitas” or “Pocitas beach” is the popular name of the beach indicated on some maps as “Mancora chico” (2 kms south of Mancora). The names of the beaches are based on the Toyota Travel Guide 2010 (Peru). We really recommend this printed guide if you come to Peru, have tons of useful information and all the maps you need to travel in Peru.
  • For those who travel with a low budget, we inform that there are places to sleep from US$4 per night. These places are not included on this guide.

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