General Location of Mancora


Mancora (Peru) is located on the Pacific coast at the km 1165 of the Northern Peruvian Panamericana; 120 Km from the Northern Peru - Ecuador border and 1165 kilometers north of Lima, capital city of Peru.


Mancora (8,500 inhabitants approx.) is the seaside spot located on the northern side of Talara province in the Department of Piura, Northern Peru.
 It is closer to Mancora Talara (150,000 inhabitants aprox, km the Pan-American 1102), capital of the province, and 72 km to the town of Mancora. From the North, the nearest town is Tumbes (capital of the same name) located 102 km from Mancora.


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Mapa Mancora en el mundo
Mancora coordenates:

Latitud: -4.104167
Longitud: -81.04583
Latitud (DMS): 4° 6' 15 S
Longitud (DMS): 81° 2' 45 W




How to get there:

You can only get directly to Mancora and/or beaches nearby by road, through the Northern Pan-American Highway. Several bus companies from Lima, Tumbes, Piura, Guayaquil (Ecuador) and other cities of Peru get to Mancora. As well as taxis and other transport services from airports near Mancora.

The fastest (and most expensive) way to get to Mancora and/or nearby beaches is to take a flight (of approximately two hours) from Lima, capital city of Peru, 1165 km south of Mancora, to the cities of Piura, Tumbes or Talara.


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Beach Map
Mancora Beach Map



From there to reach Mancora and/or nearby beaches, take some land transport like rental vehicle, private taxi, shared minivan, interprovincial bus ;trip lasts between two and three hours approx.


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Closest airports near Mancora with national flights are:


  • Aeropuerto de Piura, PIU (4 daily flights from Lima, 1hr45 trip, 240 kms south from Mancora)
  • Aeropuerto de Tumbes, TBP (1 daily flight from Lima, 1hr50 trip, 120 kms north from Mancora)


Closest airports near Mancora with international flights are:


  • Aeropuerto de Lima, Perú, LIM (1165 kms south of Mancora)
  • Aeropuerto de Guayaquil, Ecuador, GYE (470 kms aprox north of Mancora)



Lima - Mancora directly by bus:


The second and most recommended (and economic) option to get to Mancora from Lima or another city in Peru is taking a direct bus to Mancora or nearby beaches.
There are bus companies that offer a very good service and although from Lima it is a long journey (1165 km, 16 hrs on bus), it is not as terrible as it sounds; if you choose correctly the bus company and its different services. This option is the most used by tourists from Lima.


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Guayaquil (Ecuador) - Máncora directly by bus:


Buses from Guayaquil to Mancora:

There are direct buses from Guayaquil to Mancora (companies like CIFA and Ormeño, 8 hrs travel approx., approximately rate of US $ 12 to US $ 18 one way trip). Simple, basic comfort buses, however they are safe to cross the frontier and get directly to Mancora. More information about this route, click here.


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Canopy en Mancora
Canopy en Mancora
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