"Surf and kitesurf paradise"

Located at 70 kms south of Mancora, Lobitos and surrounding beaches differ from the rest of the beaches at the north, mostly for its weather and sea temperature, both colder than the other beaches.


This beach does not have the extraordinary good weather all year round, like the beaches north from Cabo Blanco. At Lobitos there is permanently a strong wind on winter and there are new hostels and lodging operating on the area.


Lobitos have an important factor for many of us: the waves and the wind. With more than four different points, Lobitos is a surf and kitesurf paradise, the quality of the lefts waves is superb but you sure need a long wetsuit, except some days in summer time.


Lobitos has grown a lot, many new hostels, house rentals an even restaurants are there . On a private transportation is about one hour. Public transportation: you can go also from Talara city in a private taxi or public transportation (“combi”) to Lobitos.


District of Talara (Piura province).
Panam. highway alt: km 1100
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25 kms north from Talara
Population: 1,000 hab aprox

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