at Mancora and beaches nearby

Mancora nights are usually intense. With more than a dozen of bars and some discos located mostly in the area of Bars and Restaurants (view map), this zone is where everyone goes for some drinks, have a good time and even party: Tourists even from beaches nearby come to Mancora, beaches like Pocitas, Vichayito or even Punta Sal and Los Organos, places that they do not have still a solid nightlife ambience.


Classic bars like Iguana’s or dance places like Runawasi disco are usually the most vibrating areas at 1 or 2AM, full of backpackers and young travelers. On the other hand, places like Praia Bar, Mamíferos or El Sitio are perfect for quiet couples or older tourist looking for a more relaxing ambience.
When the night is over, always is a chance to take a look at Loki del Mar or The Point Hostels, both backpacker lodges full of parties and drinks almost everyday!



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