Security and Police

at Mancora and beaches nearby

We would much like to say that here in Mancora there is not theft or crime and security is 100% guaranteed. Unfortunately this is not the case. However, we must say that in Mancora thefts to tourists are not that usual and security problems are more sporadic. The only way to avoid them is being careful and following the procedure recommended by the own hoteliers.


National Police of Peru (PNP) in Mancora:

There is a National Police of Peru station in Mancora and another one in Los Organos. They are responsible for keeping the order in these places.


Citizen Security ("Serenazgo"):
In addition to the national police, there is a private security group constantly around the beaches of Mancora and Pocitas, contributing to the security on the beaches.


Vivamancora reccommends

  • Don't walk at night in lonely streets and beaches.

  • Only take to the beach which is necessary, be always alert to your surroundings.

  • Don´t  buy drugs or other substances to strangers or mototaxistas.

  • Take no moto taxi (local transport in Mancora) which doesn´t show its number plate and the logo of any association of Mancora moto-taxis. Always remember mototaxi is number plates you are taking.

  • Do not change dollars in the street.

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