Cabo Blanco

"Mithical beach: Sea and waves stories"

The literature Nobel Prize winner in 1954, Ernest Hemingway used to come to this beach looking for the fishing of the Black Merlin.
The natives say that when Hemingway visit Cabo Blanco, he actually “saw” in real life his claimed novel "The Old Man and the Sea" written years ago.


Cabo Blanco is known worldwide for its fishing (with a lot of world records) and for its perfect waves for surf, catalogued as "for experts only". Panic Point is one of the best-catalogued beaches of Cabo Blanco by the surfers and their boards.


You can get there via El Alto town and now, there is a road that connect El Ñuro with Cabo Blanco.


Located on the 1137 km of the North Pan-American Highway.
Cabo Blanco is a little fishermen village and it only offers just a few lodgings for tourists.


District of El Alto (Piura province).
Panam. highway alt: km 1137, view map

30 kms south from Mancora

Population: 700 hab aprox

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Cabo Blanco:
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