Telephones, mobiles, Internet & wi-fi

at Mancora and beaches nearby

There are public telephones to make national and international calls in almost all the towns  of the Peruvian coast. Mancora and Los Organos there have telephone booths (locutorios) for national and international calls.


Internet and Wi-Fi:
There are several Internet booths (cyber cafe) services with fast network connections. In Mancora, Los Organos, Zorritos also provide computer services in general, such as connection, long distance calls via Skype, printing, among others.


Many lodgings and Internet booths services have wireless system connection (Wi-Fi) at their facilities, ideal for travelers with laptops and the like.


Cell phones:

Mancora has good reception signal from the following companies:


  • Movistar
  • Nextel
  • Claro



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