Upcoming 2015 Events in Mancora

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2015 EVENTS:


Full Moon Parties 2015 at The Point Hostels

2015 Full Moon Party Dates at The Point Hostels:


Monday, January 5th 
Saturday, February 7th 
 Saturday, March 7th 
 Saturday, April 4th 
 Saturday, May 2nd 
 Friday, June 5th
 Friday, July 3rd

Friday. July 31st BLUE MOON

 Saturday, August 29th 
 Saturday, September 26th 
 Friday, October 30th 
 Saturday, November 28th
 Saturday, December 26th

Special End of year - Tuesday, December 29th


The dates might change or be canceled. Send an email to mancora@thepointhostels.com for confirmation of the event.

Full Moon Party





Older Events

of Mancora and beaches nearby



17 Julio 2013: Copa Lobitos 2013. A las 10AM comienza el campeonato a realizarse en la playa de Lobitos (Talara), donde se busca al mejor surfista local para representar a Lobitos en el Pro Junior. Más información e incripciones visite el Facebook de Copa Lobitos 2013 Eventos en Mancora



June 21th - 23th, 2013


In Mancora or Cabo Blanquillo (just 20 kms from Mancora), depending on the wind and wave conditions, will be held the second date of the Circuito Peruano de Kitesurf.


This kitesurfing competition will be in memory of Fernando "Wawa" Paraud, who was one of the best Peruvian exponent of kitesurfing and surfing, living several years of his life in his hotel facing the waves of Mancora each.


Click on the flyer for more information.



Eventos Vivamancora - Mancora


EVENT: April 2013, 22th, 23th and 24th: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 4-5pm donation classes that will benefit these children! Drishti Yoga students at Samana Chakra last week - Please come support us & the kids! More ingfo visit Drishti Yoga FACEBOOK. Yoga




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Atiywasi spanish School
Spondylus Escuela de Buceo
Vivamancora 3.0